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Used to Make a Transfer (Thin plastic film) of a Print for Decoupage

  • Water-Based

  • Dries Quickly

  • Dries Clear

  • Also an Adhesive and Sealer

  • Glossy Finish

  • Clean Brushes with Water

This film is very thin and eliminates the need for many layers of MODGE PODGE. It is more flexible than paper and therefore can be stretched to fit onto curved surfaces such as ostrich eggs and plates etc.


  • Trim your print but leave enough space around your picture so that you can stick masking tape around the edges to keep picture in place while applying TRANSFER
  • Place your print, face up, on wax paper and secure onto wax paper with masking tape.
  • Apply 3 - 6 coats of TRANSFER GLAZE allowing each coal to dry well. Apply each coat in opposite direction i.e. first coat horizontally, second coat verticality,
  • When print is completely dry soak prim in warm water for at feast 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Remove print from water and while print Is still wet, start rolling paper off the back of The print with your finger.
  • Work very gently until there 3 no trace of any paper, but be very careful not to stretch or tear the sensitive film.
  • When print is dry follow instructions


  • Never dip a wet or dirty brush or applicator into your bottle of TRANSFER GLAZE. This will contaminate the fluid. Pour some TRANSFER GLAZE into a saucer and work from the
    saucer Do not pour leftover TRANSFER GLAZE back into your bottle.
  • You cannot use photographs to make transfers - use photocopies of your photographs.
  • It is not advisable to try to speed up drying Time by placing any decoupage projects in the sun. Allow all coats to dry at normal room temperature.
  • Use with our large range of local and imported DECOUPAGE PAPERS.


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